Import and Export of the products to/from Overseas involves various procedure such as ordering and preparation of the documents, adjustment of the delivery schedule with local and overseas suppliers. With our extensive trade experience, we will provide agency service tailored to your needs. Please consult us for supports for your first time import/export (we do not act for individuals)

  • Coordination of import and exports by products
  • Preparation of shipping documents
  • Preparation of documents for customs formalities
  • Preparation of order forms
  • Marine insurance
  • Procuration of account settlemen
  • Communication in foreign languages


Export Operation

Receive orders from shipper / Accumulate export costs / Confirm order price / Various inquiries to exporters
Export procedure
Confirm cargo ready schedule / receipt schedule / Determine shipping schedule / Packing, domestic transportation instructions / Space booking for ships and airplanes / Document preparation (shipping instruction, invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, license, etc.) / Manage customs instructions, product manuals, etc
Management of Operation for export
B/L,AWB acquisition, fare check / bank purchase document creation / shipping advice transmission, document delivery / cost division by customer department, expense processing, logistics invoice check, internal system input / export record data creation , Filing of documents

Import Operation

Confirmation of import price / arrival schedule, designation / contact of ship / various inquiries to importers
Import procedure
Confirmation of arrival schedule of ship and aircraft / Acquisition of shipping documents / confirmation of Invoice price / instruction to the customs brokers / management of import documents.
Management of operation for import
Insurance reimbursement procedures for damage in transit/ Negotiating container damage with shipping companies / Proposal for improvement of transportation and packaging / Support for post-customs investigation / Cost allocation by customer department, expense processing, logistics invoice check, internal system input / Creation of import record data, filing of related documents

We provide other general services related to import and export. Please contact us for details.